2011 Crystal Achievement Awards


Instructions for submissions

To best equip our judges with the information they need to choose the winners, please describe your entry in 400 words or less, with particular focus on the unique or innovative elements. Please note, there is a limit of one category per nomination. Please do not submit the same nomination for inclusion in multiple categories. Submissions are limited to two per company, and editors reserve the right to reallocate submissions to different categories as appropriate.  Review the 2011 categories here.


For the “most innovative application” categories, projects completed between May 2010 and May 2011 qualify.


Please send corresponding electronic images to jchase@glass.org. Electronic photos should have a resolution of 300 DPI or higher and be in a TIF, EPS or JPG format.


The deadline for nominations is May 13, 2011.  

(400 words or less; to include unique or innovative elements)
(Please indicate whether or not you will be submitting electronic photos to accompany your nomination)


when are winners announced???

How do we submit the pictures to accompany our Crystal Achievement Award ?Bob Giltnanebob@sailawayrealty.com

i dont know if i used the right category or what.  feel free to contact me. =)

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