Best Production Supervisor Finalists

Glass Magazine Awards 2013

In an effort to spotlight the people who make the Glass Magazine Award-winning products and projects possible, this year’s program includes people award categories, for which the industry submitted their picks for best installer, production supervisor, project manager and sales rep. After narrowing down the nominations to three finalists in each category, the Glass Magazine editors are asking you to decide the winners.

Here are the nominees for the new Best Production Supervisor Glass Magazine Award. The nominees are counting on your votes so read all about them, then CLICK ON THE VOTE BEST PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR ICON at the bottom of the page. 



Cristina Antunes, production manager, GGI

Cristina AntunesJob responsibilities: Antunes was recently promoted to production manager at GGI, where she is responsible for the production of all fabricated glass. Her responsibilities include GGI’s direct-to-glass product line, for which she leads and supports the entire production group, with a particular focus on training and process control.

Winning qualities: Antunes immediately demonstrated her forwardthinking vision and ability to execute upon joining GGI eight years ago as a quality manager, says GGI’s Shawn Donovan. Prior to joining GGI, Antunes worked in the European automotive industry. Her past experience in automotive supply gave Antunes a strong background in quality control, and she brings all of this knowledge to her position as production manager at GGI. Antunes offers employees and customers an in-depth knowledge of GGI products and processes.

Achievements: “Over the years, [Cristina] has worked to align GGI’s products and processes to meet the needs of the decorative glass market,” Donovan says. As quality manager, Antunes implemented policies and procedures that supported GGI’s steady growth and expansion. “Notably,” says Donovan, “Cristina took ownership of Alice, GGI’s digital direct-to-glass product line, from day one. As a result of Cristina’s role and success with Alice, she now leads and supports the entire production group, with a particular focus on training and process control.” Antunes recently coordinated the production of the canopy project for New York Presbyterian Hospital. “[Her] precise scheduling and well-controlled processes resulted in the project going extremely smoothly,” Donovan says. GGI employees have come to respect Antunes for her dedication to the growth of the company, particularly in regard to their expanding decorative product line.


Ron Drew, general manager, Safti First

Ron DrewJob responsibilities: Drew serves as general manager for Safti First/O’Keefe’s Inc. in Merced, Calif. In this role, Drew directly manages 120 employees, overseeing all human resource, safety and project functions, as well as all plant operations. On a daily basis, Drew handles production, purchasing, scheduling, employee relations, safety, budget, inventory control, quality control, staffing, employee reviews and time-sensitive projects.

Winning qualities: From the start, Drew challenged the Safti First team with his experience, training and Kaizen philosophy, committed to continual improvement. Safti First has long been dedicated to being a USA-based manufacturer as a way to differentiate itself and offer value to its customers, says Diana San Diego, director of marketing. She says Drew shares this commitment and makes it a reality every day. “This proposition is made into a promise every day with the help of Ron Drew. His leadership in our Merced factory has allowed us to provide skilled job opportunities to local residents and build high quality products that are proudly made in the USA.” Drew is known across the company as a dedicated, hardworking individual who will do whatever it takes to help his company and his community. “In 20 years in fenestration I have never seen a…manager so committed to helping sales achieve or beat its goals,” says Tim Nass, VP of national sales. “No schedule is too aggressive and no challenge too big to accept. Ron is committed to the organization and his community. His acts of service far exceed his professional accomplishments. I am proud to know him and work with him.”

Achievements: “In an industry that expects to have their products yesterday, seeing a significant increase in our sales volume in the past years has caused us to make several adjustments in production,” San Diego says. “Ron…was able to turn this problem into a real opportunity.” Drew implemented the 5S manufacturing methodology, designed to increase workplace morale and efficiency, and in turn helped Safti First clear the hurdles caused by increased sales. “For the Merced plant,” says San Diego, “Ron adopted changes in order to cope with the increased workload while continually improving the quality of our output.” The Merced plant saw reduction in overtime, improved shop attendance, increased output and productivity, improved vendor relationships and strong employee morale. Drew’s institution of a safety committee and program resulted in the Merced factory going four years without a workplace accident. And Drew’s Kaizen philosophy doesn’t just benefit the company. He also created traditions in the Merced plant to give to the local community, including raising $10,000 for a bike giveaway and implementing a holiday toy giveaway for the local children’s hospital. “His professional achievement speaks for itself, but it is his passion to make the community better that says volumes on how truly remarkable he is,” San Diego says.


Robert Mastrapa, plant manager, Glasswerks LA Inc.

Robert MastrapaJob responsibilities: Mastrapa serves as plant manager for Glasswerks, where approximately 13 employees report to him. He works alongside sales manager Rhonda Heckard to ensure a smooth transition from sales to production every day, and he manages Glasswerks’ production facility and supervisors at the company’s corporate headquarters. To ensure quality assurance, efficient production and timely deliveries, Mastrapa works closely with CEO Randy Steinberg and COO Dennis Jasmer.

Winning qualities: With more than 30 years’ experience in the glass industry, Mastrapa came to Glasswerks with a multitude of things he wanted to accomplish. In the one and a half years he has been at the fabricator, Mastrapa has transformed the plant and set benchmarks for everyone he works with, giving him the nickname ‘Mr. Opportunity.’ “When we have a situation we are facing, he always tells us ‘there are never problems or situations, only opportunities,’” Heckard says. “All of us at Glasswerks have embraced Robert’s thought process of looking at things as an opportunity.” Mastrapa makes connections and builds relationships with the inside and outside sales teams, working closely with everyone to ensure excellent craftsmanship and on-time delivery. “His positive attitude and quest for greatness have pulled the Glasswerks team of employees together,” Heckard says. “The production team and the sales team work together like a well-oiled machine. We are all proud to work at Glasswerks, and most  importantly, we are proud to have Robert Mastrapa as a leader in our company.”

Achievements: “Mastrapa is committed to making Glasswerks a safer and more efficient place to work. Mastrapa has implemented standard operating procedures that have increased shop efficiency, and his expertise in lean manufacturing has led Glasswerks through its recent growth, Heckard notes. One of Mastrapa’s greatest achievements in his short tenure with Glasswerks has been making it a safer place. “Glasswerks has successfully implemented the 6S system, which helps us obtain very positive results in many areas such as reduction in workplace incidents/accidents, and improved on-time delivery and quality to our valued customers,” he says. “We are in the process of implementing other improvement systems that we hope will yield equal results going forward.” “Our safety level is the best it’s ever been; we are more efficient than ever; and [Robert’s] recommendations on equipment needs were heard by our executive staff. Most recommendations are now in place, being installed or [on order],” Heckard says.