Best Sales Representative Finalists

Glass Magazine Awards 2013

In an effort to spotlight the people who make the Glass Magazine Award-winning products and projects possible, this year’s program includes people award categories, for which the industry submitted their picks for best installer, production supervisor, project manager and sales rep. After narrowing down the nominations to three finalists in each category, the Glass Magazine editors are asking you to decide the winners.

Here are the nominees for the new Best Sales Rep Glass Magazine Award. The nominees are counting on your votes so read all about them, then CLICK ON THE VOTE BEST SALES REP ICON at the bottom of the page. 



Bob Baumsten, Sales Representative, Century Shower Door

Bob BaumstenJob Responsibilities: Baumsten is an in-home sales representative for Century Shower Door. He calls customers, schedules in-home estimates, meets with customers, measures for custom shower enclosures and sells product to homeowners. He also maintains existing retail accounts and creates new working relationships with shops and contractors.

Winning Qualities: After nearly 34 years selling product for Century Shower Door, Baumsten has become quite well-known in his community. As a regular community theater actor, Baumsten has often heard whispers from the crowd, “Hey, that’s my shower door guy!” He has a long list of repeat customers and often makes personal, long-lasting friendships with homeowners. Sales Manager James Wood says, “We work with a lot of contractors and retail storefronts in Bob’s area that all know and love Bob’s character, professionalism and expertise. He has a great sense of humor and trustworthiness that make all of his customers remember him for years to come. Bob’s dedication to his art, job, family and friends is unwavering, and I am very proud and honored to work with such a person,” Wood says. “He is the most dynamic, thoughtful, caring, charismatic and hardworking sales representative I have ever known.” Along with personality and experience, Baumsten offers an affinity for the technical. “Since everything we sell is custom made, Bob has to measure for each and every enclosure he sells, and rarely makes any mistakes,” Wood says. As a hardworking sales rep, Baumsten does whatever it takes to get the job done right and on time. He is dedicated to his company, his craftsmanship and his customers, according to coworkers.

Achievements: Baumsten goes out in the field to find new customers for Century Shower Door and is always looking for ways to build relationships and grow the business. He has been honored many times as the sales rep of the year, recognizing his top grossing sales and daily commitment to excellence. Because of Baumsten’s work ethic and ability to make friends with everyone he meets, he plays a key role in training all of Century Shower Door’s new hires.


Ryan Hoffman, Field Sales, Viracon

Ryan HoffmanJob responsibilities: Hoffman is a field sales professional serving Viracon’s Northern California, Nevada and Utah territories, who works closely with the inside sales team as well as the customer. “He is committed to bringing solutions to our architectural clients and providing customers with timely communication and information, which allows for better management of projects,” says Jim Wendorff, VP of human resources, Viracon.

Winning qualities: Hoffman began his career in the glass industry with Viracon in 2004, working with the inside sales, technical services, customer service and architectural design teams. Now as a field sales representative, “Ryan has a passion for learning and is one of Viracon’s most analytical architectural sales representatives; he has the right balance of art and science in his decision-making process,” Wendorff says. “His knowledge of our products and desire to help our customers make Ryan an outstanding salesperson.” Well-respected by his peers and customers, Hoffman is known for his hard work, reliability, ethical behavior and timely communications. VP of Sales and Marketing Garret Henson says, “Ryan has a unique sales skill: he listens exceptionally well. He can absorb the needs of our clients without jumping to solutions or conclusions. He has become a trusted consult within his region and has earned relationships with some of the best customers within our industry.”

Achievements: While at Viracon, Hoffman was certified as a LEED Green Associate. After expanding his sales territory by 200 percent in one year, Hoffman received the Viracon Salesperson of the Year award. He was selected over 22 other Viracon sales representatives in North America, based on his year-over-year triple-digit revenue growth and for exceeding his sales plan by double digits. “Viracon sales leadership was confident that Ryan would experience revenue growth within his markets even in the down economic cycle, but he completely surpassed our expectations each quarter with growth over his annual plan,” Henson says. Hoffman also surpassed his peers in terms of qualitative feedback, market-share trending, customer feedback and local architectural design participation.


Tom Cross, Sales Representative, YKK AP America Inc.

Tom CrossJob responsibilities: As the sales representative for the six states comprising YKK’s Northeastern territory, Cross is responsible for territory management and development, and customer service. As the primary contact for many retail and commercial glass companies in the region, Cross ensures products arrive on schedule and as ordered. Carl Reiser of New England Glass & Mirror says, “Tom is willing to provide our guys with install training and will do upfront consulting [by] meeting with both the customer and architect to ensure that Projects are designed properly.”

Winning qualities: Cross joined YKK AP in 2006 as an operations supervisor in Boston, serving the New Jersey, New York and New England territories. In 2008, he started in field sales for YKK’s New England and Suffolk County Long Island territories, with approximately 80 active accounts. YKK Regional Manager Mark Richard says, “His strong background in operations translates well to acquiring and maintaining customers; he can really communicate how the company operates to the customer.” He is known to spend time learning about customer projects and communicating with architects and general contractors to ensure a successful job. Before selling products, Cross attends meetings with his customers to help them educate clients and architects on all of the
products he represents. “In this day and age when many manufacturers are solely concerned about the sale, Tom is a partner who wants the customer completely satisfied,” Reiser says. His unwavering dedication to his customers has given Cross a reputation at YKK. “He is the most customer-committed rep I’ve worked with,” Richard says. “If you want to know about Tom, the customers are the ones who can tell you the most about him.”

Achievements: “Tom has helped us shepherd a number of projects and will interface on a variety of different levels—shipping, fabrication and install techniques—to ensure a successful job,” Reiser says. “On all occasions, his knowledge of the product has allowed us to make the sale and follow up throughout installation.” Cross has conducted installation training with customers, the Union Hall and architectural firms throughout his territory. His dedication to being a successful sales rep led to his receiving achievement awards in 2011 and 2012 for exceeding sales quotas.