Vehicle concepts show versatility of glass

March 1, 2008







Top designers in the 2007 PPG Design Challenge Awards took inspiration from golf, bamboo, charcoal and catamaran boats to create vehicle concepts that show the versatility of glass. Ludwin Cruz, 20, of Pembroke Pines, Fla., took home first place and a $1,500 scholarship for his asymmetrical car design made half of glass embedded with carbon nano-tube wire weaving.

2Woo Sung Lee, 26, of Seoul, won second place and a $1,000 scholarship for a design that combined the functionality of an SUV with the styling of a sports car on a solid truck base. Honeycomb-shaped glass affords strength and acts as an air filter on the sides and front.

3Third place and a $500 scholarship went to Andrew Ho, 21, of Toronto. His design for a four-door crossover utility vehicle has a roof of electrochromic glass extending from the back bumper to the front that allows occupants to control the amount of sunlight entering the passenger cabin.