ROLAGS votes to limit crack repair to 6 inches

Changes waiting ANSI approval
January 1, 2009

The Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard's Standard Developing Committee is accepting comments on its vote to amend the standard "to limit length of crack to 6 inches from center of the damage."

The suggested revisions, passed by a two-thirds vote last November, were posted in the American National Standards Institute “Standard Actions” for comment in December. The ROLAGS SDC is receiving comments until mid-February. To review the proposed changes to the standard, visit

The ROLAGS committee will meet again in late February, when the SDC will look at the unresolved comments and reaffirm their votes.

Once the comments are answered and the votes are reaffirmed, the change will be sent to ANSI as a permanent change to the standard. ANSI usually takes two to four weeks to approve the changes.

Annex B
In addition, the SDC made and adopted a motion to revise Annex B to read: “If a company’s policy is in all other respects compliant with this standard, but said company maintains a policy limiting the size of some or all repairable damages to dimensions that are less than those listed in section 6 or in section 7 DVPA [driver's primary viewing area], said company is compliant with this standard.” The committee also passed a motion to amend the standard by moving the revised Annex B into Section 6. These changes will be included in the process described above before becoming permanent changes to the standard.