$10 million to $15 million

June 5, 2011
120 Long Ridge, Stamford, Conn.
120 Long Ridge, Stamford, Conn. 

35. R & R Window Contractors Inc.

Previous year rank: 45
Sales: Up 19 percent between 2009 and 2010
Headquarters: Easthampton, Mass.
Website: www.rrwindow.com
Employees: 83

R&R Window sells and installs commercial window, storefront, curtain wall, and panel systems throughout New England. Last year, the company completed the 120 Long Ridge project, Stamford, Conn., a major renovation of a 310,000-square-foot office complex. R&R fabricated and installed a curtain wall system that was hung on the building by attaching it to the face of each structural floor slab with engineered, custom fabricated wind load and dead load anchors.

36. Metropolitan Glass Inc.

Previous year rank: 31
Sales: Down 32 percent between 2009 and 2010
Headquarters: Denver
Website: www.metroglass.com
Employees: 85

Metropolitan Glass Inc. is one of the larger glazing contractors in the Denver region, specializing in the installation of high-quality curtain walls, storefronts, skylights and metal panel systems. The company furnishes and installs glass-related products in complex projects involving high engineering standards, demanding specifications and sophisticated products.

37. Tepco Contract Glazing Inc.**

Previous year rank: 35
Headquarters: Dallas
Website: www.tepcoglass.com
Employees: 80
**Estimates from Dun & Bradstreet and Hoover’s. See “The Silent Players” sidebar.

Tepco Contract Glazing Inc., a 29-year-old regional glazing contractor, specializes in the design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of curtain walls, windows, glass and glazing, according to the company Website. Additionally, it has completed major renovations and installed its Suite View Motor Operated Window Systems in more than 50 stadium projects. Tepco operates and is headquartered in its 28,000 square-foot office and manufacturing facility in Dallas.

38. LCG Facades

Utah Science Technology and Research complex at Utah State University, Logan, Utah.
Utah Science Technology and Research complex at Utah State University, Logan, Utah. 

Previous year rank: 43
Sales: Up 6 percent between 2009 and 2010
Headquarters: Salt Lake City
Website: www.lcgfacades.com
Employees: 56

LCG provides exterior cladding solutions, and works with owners, architects and contractors to help achieve an enclosure solution that meets their goals in terms of design, cost and schedule. Last year, LCG completed the USU USTAR project, Logan Utah, an NFRC CMA-rated project; the USU Early Childhood Development, also in Logan, Utah; the Utah Museum of Natural History, Salt Lake City; and the Huntsman Cancer Hospital Expansion Phase IIB, Salt Lake City.

39. Galaxy Glass & Aluminum Inc.**

Previous year rank: 34
Headquarters: Manchester, N.H.
Website: www.galaxyglass.biz
Employees: 85
**Estimates from Dun & Bradstreet and Hoover’s. See “The Silent Players” sidebar.

Galaxy Glass & Aluminum Inc. is a commercial glazing contractor with corporate headquarters in Manchester, N.H. The company operates a fabrication facility for in-house fabrication of windows, curtain walls, storefronts, composite panels and entrance systems, according to the company Website. Additionally, the company has an in-house engineering team.

40. Cartner Glass Systems**

Previous year rank: 42
Headquarters: Charlotte, N.C.
Employees: 50
**Estimates from Dun & Bradstreet and Hoover’s. See “The Silent Players” sidebar.

Cartner Glass furnishes and installs curtain walls, storefronts, windows, and aluminum and glass entrances. The glazier also installs sunshades made of various materials.

41. Hilboldt Curtainwall Inc.

Previous year rank: 37
Sales: Down 36 percent between 2009 and 2010
Headquarters: St. Louis.
Website: www.hilboldt.com
Employees: 44

Southeast Health Regional Cancer Center, Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Southeast Health Regional Cancer Center, Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

Hilboldt Curtainwall works with architects, construction managers, and developers to build and install high-quality exterior wall systems. The company specializes in the pre-fabrication of curtain wall panels incorporating glass, stone, ceramic tiles and/or aluminum. Last year, Hilboldt completed the Southeast Health Cancer Care Center, Cape Girardeau, Mo., and provided a high-performance custom curtain wall using its Convention Series shop-fabricated panelized system, with a combination of captured and butt-glazed applications.

42. JMD Architectural Products

Previous year rank: 53
Sales: Up 34 percent between 2009 and 2010
Headquarters: Tipp City, Ohio
Website: www.jmdinc.com
Employees: 36

JMD Architectural Products, a glazing subcontractor in Ohio, has its headquarters in Tipp City, Ohio, and a second location in Hilliard, Ohio. The company installs aluminum entrances and storefronts, curtain wall systems, operable windows, skylights, and insulated panel systems. It provides shop fabrication and jobsite installation. Notable projects in 2010 include the Ohio State University Student Union, Columbus, and Xavier University College of Business, Cincinnati.

Stockton Event Center, Stockton, Calif.
Stockton Event Center, Stockton, Calif. 

43. Carmel Architectural Sales

Previous year rank: 30
Sales: Down 39 percent between 2009 and 2010
Headquarters: Anaheim, Calif.
Website: www.carmelsales.com
Employees: 35
Locations opened in 2010: One in Oakland, Calif., with six employees.

Carmel Architectural Sales supplies full exterior building envelopes and specializes in combining glazing and rain-screen components of exterior wall. It provides design assistance and integrated project delivery modeling, and as installing distributors, it represents stone system and glass wall system products. In 2010, Carmel completed the first two renovation phases of the original three hotels at Disneyland, Anaheim, Calif.

  • **The silent players

    The majority of the information included in the Top 50 comes directly from contract glazing firms; this year, 43 of the Top 50 confirmed their 2009 and 2010 sales figures. However, some companies request that we not include them or refuse to provide any information. We understand the sensitivity of releasing sales figures; however, we do not omit any firms simply because they ask. In cases where a company declines to participate, we use independent sources Dun & Bradstreet and Hoovers, prior-year submissions, and estimations from industry members to determine their ranking. Companies marked with ** are those that declined to provide information for the Top 50 Glaziers survey, but that Glass Magazine editors believe should be included. Their estimated rank is based on the independent sources described above.