2012 Top 50 Glaziers

A comprehensive look at the U.S. market, the players, and the challenges they face
Katy Devlin
June 1, 2012

U.S. glazing contractors continued to feel the effects of a slow construction market in 2011.  While the majority of companies on Glass Magazine's 2012 Top 50 Glaziers list reported an increase in bid levels from 2010 to 2011, low margins persisted.

"The ability to compete in the industry at profitable margins," was the biggest challenge for Ridgeview Glass, said Andy Canter, president.

While companies like TEPCO Contract Glazing Inc. have chosen "not to chase work at lower than acceptable margins," glaziers reported that some competitors were willing to work at little to no profit margin.

"Bidding against competitors who are lowering margins to gain work," topped the list of challenges at Ajay Glass & Mirror Co., said Demetrios (Jim) Stathopoulos, CEO.

Additional challenges facing U.S. glaziers in 2011 included: finding qualified employees, cutting overhead, facing slow pay and covering higher healthcare costs. Several high-profile companies—including Trainor Glass Co. and ASI Limited—succumbed to the difficult market conditions and closed their doors.

But not all is doom and gloom. Fifty percent of Top 50 Glazier companies reported an increase in sales from 2010 to 2011, and seven new companies made the list.

To provide a more comprehensive view of the U.S. contract glazing market, Glass Magazine is introducing the following special report. In addition to the list of Top 50 Glaziers—based on 2011 sales volume—the report includes market statistics related to bid levels and building activity, and a galleries of recent notable projects. The feature also looks at the U.S. glazing market over the past several years, comparing conditions today to those of the peak building years.

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About the list

The annual Top 50 rankings present what Glass Magazine editors believe to be the United States' 50 largest contract glazing firms, based on sales volumes. The glazing firms are ranked within nine sales categories.

The majority of the information included in the Top 50 comes directly from contract glazing firms. All but three companies provided sales figures for 2011. However, some companies declined to provide any information.

We understand the sensitivity of releasing sales figures; however, we do not omit any firms simply because they ask. In cases where a company declines to provide information, we use independent sources to determine its ranking.

If your company belongs on the list, or you would like to update its information, please contact us. It is only with the cooperation of individual companies that Glass Magazine's Top 50 Glaziers rankings can be as accurate as possible. Questions or comments about this year's rankings, and requests to be included next year, can be sent to kdevlin@glass.org. 

Katy Devlin is senior editor for Glass Magazine. E-mail Katy at kdevlin@glass.org.