The 2014 Glass Magazine Awards: Product and Project Categories

To make sure your company is included in this prestigious awards program, please review the categories below and submit your nomination. The deadline for nominations is April 17, 2014.

To view descriptions of and submit nominations for Best Project Manager, Best Production Supervisor, Best Salesperson or Best Installer, click here.

2014 Glass Magazine Award Product and Project Categories*

  • Most innovative curtain wall project
  • Most innovative curtain wall product
  • Most innovative storefront/entrance project
  • Most innovative decorative glass project: commercial interior
  • Most innovative decorative glass project: commercial exterior
  • Most innovative decorative glass project: residential
  • Most innovative decorative glass product
  • Most innovative energy efficient glass project
  • Most innovative energy efficient glass product
  • Most innovative specialty glass product (fire-rated, security, hurricane, etc.)
  • Most innovative specialty glass project
  • Most innovative machinery/equipment 
  • Most innovative commercial window 
  • Most innovative website 
  • Most innovative software

Submit your nomination.

*Limit one category per nomination. Please do not submit the same nomination for inclusion in multiple categories. Total number of nominations is limited to two per company, and editors reserve the right to reallocate nominations to different categories as appropriate.

**All decorative glass categories also include interior glass products and projects, such as  glass railings, partitions, stairs, etc. 

***For the “most innovative project” categories, projects completed between May 2013 and April 2014 qualify.