AIA Expo 2014

A preview of the products on display in Chicago

Glass and glazing suppliers will join nearly 800 exhibitors, June 26-28, at McCormick Place in Chicago for the AIA 2014 National Convention and Design Exposition, sponsored by the American Institute of Architects.

The following pages offer a preview of the glass and metal products that will be on the expo floor.

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Architectural Glass

Solarban z75 on the Korean Registry of Shipping building


Solarban z75 glass from PPG Industries combines a steel-blue/gray appearance with a 0.24 solar heat gain coefficient in a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit. Similar in appearance to Solarban z50 glass, the coating on Solarban z75 glass provides an added level of solar performance, giving architects two options for neutral cool-gray glass that is optimized to local climate and building code demands. With visible light transmittance of 48 percent, Solarban z75 glass offers excellent daylighting to support sustainable design, PPG reports. Low reflectance levels deliver clear, natural outdoor views and enable Solarban z75 glass to harmonize well with other clear, color-neutral glasses such as Solarban 67 and Solarban R100 glasses, according to the exhibitor. Booth #4617
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Visitors to Guardian’s booth in Chicago will get an up-close look at Guardian SunGuard SNX 51/23, triple silver, low-emissivity glass that offers visible light transmission of 51 percent, with an ultra-low solar heat gain coefficient of 0.23. The glass is designed to meet stringent North American energy codes, including ASHRAE 90.1 - 2013. The newest addition to the Guardian SunGuard portfolio of high performance architectural glass, SNX 51/23 offers low reflectivity and a neutral blue appearance compared to other triple silver products, giving architects a new option to reduce energy costs, particularly in climates where solar heat or excessive glare is an issue, the exhibitor reports.

Guardian will also debut the Glass Visualizer during the AIA National Convention. Part of Guardian Glass Analytics, this new digital tool leverages the glass modeling power of Guardian's Performance Calculator, giving the user the ability to immediately see photo-realistic images of any glass make-up, Guardian reports. Booth #1013
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Curtain wall


During the AIA 2014 Expo, Kawneer will exhibit jointly with its other building and construction systems brands, Reynobond architectural panels and Traco windows. Kawneer will showcase its new 1620/1620 SSG curtain-wall system in the combined booth. With a slim, 2-inch sightline, the curtain-wall system delivers the desired narrow sightline aesthetic of many traditional storefront systems while maintaining the performance levels and options expected from a curtain-wall system, the exhibitor reports. Booth #1407
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YKK AP America

The YCW 750 OGP curtain-wall product, on display in YKK AP America’s booth in Chicago, incorporates a pressure plate made from polyamide 6.6. The polyamide pressure plate is a superior alternative to competitive fiberglass pressure plates that require special handling and equipment during fabrication, the exhibitor reports. The plate can be used with YKK AP’s YCW 750 outside-glazed curtain-wall system to improve the unit’s overall thermal efficiency and condensation resistance. It also reduces temperature transfer from the exterior to the interior, creating a more comfortable interior space. The YCW 750 OGP will deliver a 20 percent gain in U-factor performance and a 10 percent gain in its condensation resistance factor when used with standard low-E glass, the exhibitor reports.

YKK AP America also plans to launch “Do the Architect,” the third video in the “I am an Architect” series. The first video, “I am an Architect,” launched in Denver at last year’s AIA Convention, and part 2, “Architect vs. Contractor,” was a rap battle parody that debuted at Greenbuild 2013 in Philadelphia. The “Do the Architect” video will be unveiled on Thursday, June 26 at 11 a.m. AIA attendees will also have the opportunity to meet video stars Brady and Mosby and cast for a special AIA remix video that will air after the convention. Booth #2212
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Decorative Glass

DigitalDistinctions Etch Ink


Viracon will showcase two additions to its DigitalDistinctions digital ceramic line of decorative glass products. DigitalDistinctions Etch Ink is a cost-effective, fast and environmentally friendly ink that simulates the look of acid etched, colored etch or sandblasted glass when used alone or in combination with other ink colors. Versatile application effects of the ink provide varying degrees of privacy, light diffusion and sun control. The product does not use high-pressures and blasting and it does not contain dangerous acids, Viracon reports. Viracon DigitalDistinctions Dual Image consists of a printed image or pattern on one side and a different color, image or pattern on the opposite side of the same glass lite. The technology can produce images to reflect a variety of complex designs in addition to standard and simple designs.Any of Viracon’s high-performance coatings can be applied directly over any digital print using Etch Ink or Dual Image on the same surface to further enhance solar performance, the exhibitor reports.


Viracon now offers its ExtremEdge warm edge spacer in a black finish. ExtremEdge is positioned between two lites of glass and is designed to improve the U-value of an insulating unit. The new black finish reduces interior reflection through glass. All ExtremEdge products reduce edge conductivity and thus, heat transfer into buildings. It offers condensation resistance values as high as 64, minimizing the formation of condensation on glass surfaces. VRE-65 is the latest addition to Viracon's lineup of high-performance glass coatings. With this addition, Viracon offers a tool for designers and architects to balance aesthetics, natural light and solar heat gain while enhancing energy performance. VRE-65 achieves this balance through maintenance of Light to Solar Gain ratios from 1.25 to 1.80. Designers and architects can specify VRE-65 on any standard glass substrate or same surfaces as DigitialDistinctions and silkscreen patterns. Booth #1831
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