Airolite Miami-Dade certified louver now available in more shapes

Airolite Louver Type K605MD is now Miami-Dade certified for installations in structural steel, steel studs, concrete masonry and wood substrates, according to a Sept. 30 release. Mechanically fastened and then welded to withstand the rigors of the structural tests required under the Miami-Dade Building Code, this sightproof louver can now be specified in round, half-round, quarter-round, round-top, gothic, triangular, sloped-top, sloped-bottom, diamond and parallelogram shapes and with round or rectangular cut-outs for pipe or duct penetrations. Airolite Louver Type K605MD is AMCA Licensed for Air Performance and Water Penetration.

All Airolite products are available in 24 standard color Kynar 500 and Hylar 5000 resin coatings, 18 pearlescent metallic fluoropolymer colors, custom fluoropolymer colors, and clear and color anodize coatings to ensure maintenance-free durability and compatibility with other facade elements.

Airolite has been helping construction professionals around the world in the design, selection and specification of architectural louvers, grilles, and sun controls for 90 years.