Decorative glass pedestrian bridge creates dramatic arena entrance

The basics: An all-glass elevated pedestrian walkway in Louisville, Ky., opened in fall 2010, connecting the Galt House Hotel & Suites and the new KFC Yum! Center arena. Kenneth F. von Roenn Jr., president and lead designer of Architectural Glass Art, Louisville, designed the pedway. It features a glass roof, glass walls and art glass trusses. The pedway is illuminated internally with LED lights at the base of each truss, which are activated by the movement of pedestrians.

The players: System designer, dichroic/holographic film supplier, glass truss assembler, Architectural Glass Art, Louisville; glass wall and roof fabricator, Glasswerks, Los Angeles; glass truss fabricator, Grove Glass, Garden Grove, Calif.; glass installer, Akins Glass, Louisville.

The glass and systems: 1-inch thick laminated glass for walls and roof; laminated glass trusses with dichroic and holographic films that change colors when viewed from different angles or illuminated from different directions. For structure, stainless-steel pin connections secure glass trusses to steel beams that span the street; 1-inch thick laminated glass gusset plates join the vertical and diagonal components of trusses; and isolated stainless-steel bolts connect gusset plates to the truss. The trusses were pre-assembled in the studio and lifted as units onto the structural steel beams. Then, the glass walls and roof were installed with stainless steel hardware fittings and sealed with structural silicone.