Efficiency is the name of the game

Jenni Chase
March 11, 2009

In a recent e-glass weekly poll, 31 percent of respondents reported their company had laid off employees in response to the current recession. In January alone, U.S. companies laid off 237,902 workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov.

As a result, many Americans find themselves working longer hours to compensate for reduced staff resources. Efficiency is now the name of the game.

At Glass Magazine, our goal is to provide individuals and businesses technological, instructional and organizational information to work smarter.

Our most recent undertaking is the new “For Technicians Only e-bulletin” that delivers step-by-step auto glass removal and replacement instructions directly to technicians’ e-mail boxes twice a month. Whether at the shop or in the field, techs will receive valuable information on the latest model-year vehicles, in addition to details on the newest auto glass products available, in an easy-to-read electronic format.

The For Technicians Only e-bulletin will take the place of the auto glass content in the print version of the magazine starting with this issue, and will arrive in technicians' inboxes beginning April 15. For those loyal readers who archive copies of Glass Magazine, and previously AutoGlass magazine, you still will be able to print hard copies of the installation instructions for your reference in the shop. For those technicians with access to e-mail in the field, you’ll have install instructions at your fingertips, regardless of location.

To ensure you receive your copy of the For Technicians Only e-bulletin, e-mail FTO@glass.org to request a subscription or visit www.GlassMagazine.com. Once there, click the “subscribe” button, then "e-newsletters" to sign up.

Jenni Chase is editorial director of Glass Magazine, e-glass weekly and GlassMagazine.com. Write her at jchase@glass.org.