Fire-rated glazing provides views and safety in Utah school

"Prior to the renovation, masonry and non-rated hollow metal storefront and glazing were used in the building. Due to the increased square footage of the building, new fire rated areas needed to be created. The existing hollow metal storefront glazing was located in walls that needed to be upgraded to 1- and 2-hour fire walls."—Jodi Geroux, project architect, AJC Architects.

The basics: Architects looked to fire-rated glass when renovating the media center and building a new counseling center at North Layton Junior High School, Layton, Utah. The clear glass provides views of the media center and a welcoming entrance to the new counseling center, while meeting building codes and preserving existing design, according to a Safti First release.

The players: Architects, AJC Architects, Salt Lake City, Utah; fire-rated glass and framing supplier, Safti First, San Francisco; glazing contractor, B & D Glass Inc., West Jordan, Utah.

The glass and systems: SuperLite II-XL, fire rated up to 2 hours with hose stream, impact safety rated to Consumer Product Safety Commission Cat. II, and able to meet ASTM E-119, the wall criteria that limits the average glass surface temperature rise to 250 Fahrenheit on the non-fire side. GPX Framing that allows for wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling expanses.