Florida theater reopens to natural light

“The signature component will be a three-story glass curtain wall and atrium that will look out onto the city’s beautiful downtown waterfront.”
— Sabrina Anico, Mahaffey Theater marketing director

The basics:

After a one-year hiatus and a $20-million renovation, the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg, Fla., is back with a light-filled and expanded lobby enclosed by soaring glass walls. It reopened in spring 2006.  

The players:

Architect, Aude Shand & Williams Inc., Clearwater, Fla.; glazing contractors, Midway Glass, Clearwater and Tab Glass & Window Co., St. Petersburg; fabricator, Westshore Glass, Tampa, Fla.; glass manufacturer, Guardian Industries, Auburn Hills, Mich. 

The glass and systems:

Three-story curtain wall of 1-inch insulating units, with Guardian Industries’ SunGuard SuperNeutral 68 low-emissivity coating. The glass provides 68 percent visible light transmission with a winter night time U-Value of .29 and a SHGC of .38, allowing for more natural light and reducing heat gain.