Glass dance floor gives views 32 stories down

The basics:

The Ghost Bar, on the 32nd story of the W Dallas Victory Hotel and Residences, opened in June 2006 and features a 100-square-foot, all glass dance floor, part of which extends onto a balcony 350 feet from the ground.


The players:

Architect, HKS Inc., Dallas; developer, Hillwood Capital, Dallas; general contractor, McCarthy Building Cos., Dallas; glass fabricator, Texas Tempered Glass, Houston; metal fabricator, Metalrite, Grand Prairie, Texas; interlayer supplier, Glasslam, Pompano Beach, Fla.

The glass:

A 2-inch thick laminated floor of two lites of 1⁄4-inch clear tempered glass with ceramic frit pattern non-slip ceramic frit, three lites of 1⁄2-inch clear tempered and three layers of .090-inch thick clear polyester polymer Glasslam laminate. One-inch thick handrails and drink rails of two lites of 1⁄2-inch clear tempered glass with cut-out notches.