Glass floors in a Florida residence

“The project is truly cutting edge in that glass flooring is being utilized in pools. All the edges of the glass had to be polished after tempering and laminating, and all the panels had to match up around the perimeter of each pool.”
—Tim Czechowski, president, Artwork in Architectural Glass


The basics:

Several pools of a private residence on the coast in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., feature the rare application of glass flooring, using edge polished glass with an anti-slip top surface.


The players:

Design, fabrication and installation, Artwork in Architectural Glass, Good Hope, Ga., and Newport Beach, Calif.


The glass:

Laminated with 3⁄8-inch blue tempered top layer with AAG anti-slip GlassGrit surface approved by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., a 0.06-inch interlayer and 3⁄8-inch blue bottom layer, sandblasted with heavy blast on bottom; 3⁄8-inch tempered blue glass with flat-polished edges, one side sandblasted; cast glass around the edges of the pools.