The GlassBuild America Preview

An advance look at new products on the show floor in Las Vegas

GlassBuild America: The Glass, Window & Door Expo is expected to host about 375 exhibitors, including more than 100 from outside the United States, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Sept. 9-11. Note: booth numbers are subject to change. Visit for the most up-to-date information.

PPG Industries will showcase its latest product in the Solarban line of architectural glass products during GlassBuild America 2014. Optigray glass is an ultra-neutral, warm-light-gray glass designed to maximize light transmittance and clarity, and to work with Solarban coated, solar control, low-emissivity glasses to enhance solar control performance. Optigray glass is formulated to offer an extremely light-gray tint that eliminates the green naturally present in conventional clear glass formulations, PPG reports. To optimize performance, Optigray glass is designed to function as a substrate for solar control, low-E coatings such as those on Solarban 60, Solarban 70XL, Solarban 67 and Solarban R100 glasses. In a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit, Solarban 60 Optigray glass yields a light-to-solar-gain ratio of 1.67. With Solarban 70XL glass in the same configuration, Optigray glass generates an LSG ratio of 1.99. Booth #2121


Guardian Industries will showcase two new products during GlassBuild America: SunGuard Spandrel HT and ShowerGuard Low-Iron. SunGuard Spandrel HT is designed for building façade spandrel applications. It brings improved uniformity and appearance to spandrel glass with higher opacity and less potential for streaking, resulting in a smooth, matte finish, the exhibitor reports. Architects can specify vision and spandrel glass packages alongside SunGuard high performance, low-E coatings. ShowerGuard Low-Iron combines Guardian’s ShowerGuard coating on a new low-iron float glass. ShowerGuard Low-Iron reduces the greenish cast of standard float glass for enhanced clarity, allowing design and color to shine through, Guardian reports. Booth #1515

Dlubak Specialty Glass will be showing its wide range of custom specialty laminated options including decorative, security and bent glass during GlassBuild America. Specialty laminated from Dlubak is ideal for application in windows, curtain walls, skylights, interior office partitions and design walls, the exhibitor reports. Booth #1308  
The CRL-U.S. Aluminum Series HP3253 curtain wall system from U.S. Aluminum, part of C.R. Laurence Co., heightens the thermal performance of typical curtain wall options. On display in Las Vegas, the patented Series HP3253 system utilizes 2-inch triple-pane glazing, and is engineered to satisfy the increasing demands for energy conservation, CRL reports. Complementing the efficiency of insulating glass, Series HP3253 curtain wall systems are thermally broken by a continuous thermal spacer interlocked with pressure plates and CRL’s fill and debridge technology. The HP3253 uses two fill and debridge pockets with the thermal spacer providing three thermal break points. Two-piece horizontals and extruded shear blocks allow for a concealed horizontal to vertical joinery without exposed screws. These joint intersections also have Concealed Injection Molded End Dams for controlling any infiltrated water. Booth #2329 
M3’s MPrint technology, powered by Dip-Tech, gives designers and architects full freedom to create walls, ceilings, railings and recently, custom flooring. On display in Las Vegas, MPrint custom flooring allows full color, custom imagery and pattern to be applied to any flooring application—from custom-sized dots and new patterns, to business logos printed in traction-control glass. Traction ink can be combined with a custom matched ColorBak paint, to make floors and stairs pop, M3 reports. Booth #1429 
In addition to its comprehensive offering of glass—fire-rated, back painted, European specialty, shower doors, entrance systems, architectural components, oversized, CNC machined and digitally printed—GGI will introduce a new collection of digitally printed, contemporary patterns by textile designer Jeremy Noonan at GlassBuild America. There are sixteen patterns in three groupings: “Interference,” which references Japanese resist dyeing techniques; “Fragments,” which is inspired by composited surfaces like mosaic; and “Escapism,” which plays with depth of field and movement to create visual stimulation, GGI reports. Booth #1921 
This year, Standard Bent Glass added a Dip-Tech digital printing system to its fabricating facility. The company is now able to furnish direct-to-glass printing for virtually unlimited decorative design options, it reports. The system will have large size capabilities with a 110-inch by 146-inch printer with 720 DPI print quality for high resolution images. Booth #1434 
Walker Glass expanded its Walker Textures exterior glass program, featuring a new 10-year warranty against surface degradation and properties that reduce the need for artificial light and decrease energy consumption, it reports. The company also produced a package containing a wide scope of tools and information on applications, functional and physical properties, light and energy performance, of acid-etched glass in various exterior applications. Visitors to Walker’s booth in Las Vegas will see the company’s array of acid-etched products first hand. Booth #1545 
Cristacurva will be showcasing its entire collection of glass offerings for interior and exterior applications. Providing a variety of glass products tailored to custom architectural specifications, these specialties include: Creanza Interiors Decorative Glass, curved glass, glass stairs and floors, insulating glass units, integrated glass blind units, laminated glass, oversized glass, Royal doors, shower doors and structural glass. Booth #2145 
Lauren Manufacturing’s line of Door System Sealing Solutions offer standard and custom designed Perimeter Door Seals and Door Sweeps for exterior doors. Because Lauren manufactures its perimeter door seal with closed cell sponge and dense EPDM materials, and in a design to round corners, the seal will not wick or absorb water, the company reports. The door sweep is made from thermoplastic olefin and polypropylene materials, resulting in a higher resistance to tearing and cracking. Lauren’s door seal and sweep products are manufactured in the United States from PVC-free materials. Booth #2345  


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