Great Glazing: Decorative installation at Norton Cancer Institute

The basics: Soft blues and greens, balanced with vivid magentas and oranges, fill the space of the Nixon Meditation Room located in the new Norton Cancer Institute, part of the Norton Hospital Complex in Louisville, Ky. A towering 30-foot-by-30 foot decorative glass window, installed in June, creates a peaceful, calming effect for the space while serving as a visual gateway to the hospital complex, according to a release from Architectural Glass Art Inc. The window design was inspired by glass artist Kenneth von Roenn Jr.'s brother's five-year fight and ultimate survival from liver and pancreatic cancer. When composing his window design, von Roenn chose colors and images that inspire both positive and reflective thoughts, according to the release. A silhouette of a tree serves as a foundation for the design, which also includes other natural elements such as leaves, flowers, nautilus shells and a water crystal. Inlaid glass jewels spiral throughout the composition.

The players: Project manager, The Nehemiah Group; construction manager, Abel Construction; overall building architect, Karlsberger; radiation center architect, Architection; art glass design and supplier, Architectural Glass Art; art glass installer, Lambert Glass.

The glass: Laminated and painted antique glass with inlaid glass jewels, laminated dichroic glass. Segments of the window are arranged in a rectilinear grid, mimicking the design of the institution. Another grid, composed of dichroic glass laminated to the exterior plane of the window, reflects colors that are seen from those passing the building on the main thoroughfare.