Great Glazing: "Encode/Decode"

The basics: The New York University Neurobiology of Cognition Laboratory features a unique meeting space that reflects its culture of innovation and inspiration, exemplified by this 15-foot by 5-foot glass conference table. Fabricated by Galaxy Glass & Stone, the table was designed by artist Shuli Sadé. Titled “Encode/ Decode,” it consists of 32 photographic panel fragments made from a single photograph of a New York City nightscape. Galaxy was responsible for the delivery and installation of the table, which the fabricator made in four sections and mechanically fastened on site. The split half-drum and single leg support are fastened to the concrete sub-floor. The base incorporates hidden wire mold raceways for built-in lighting, as well as electrical and data outlets.

The glass: Galaxy Glass & Stone manufactured the finished table as a 1-inch-thick Galaxy Ultraclear Custom Laminated Glass Composite, together with Ultraclear Silkglas 500 panels that encapsulate the digital film interlayer. Galaxy also manufactured a custom stainless steel, satin finish support base with fully welded glass support arms.