Great Glazing: Residential glass bridge

The basics: When Replacement Glass Co. was approached by the owner of this home in Anchorage, Alaska, to design a glass bridge as part of an extensive remodel, the owner literally gave the glazier a picture of what he wanted the bridge to look like and asked that they make it a reality. Replacement Glass Co. patterned every glass lite for the floor and railings, providing fabricator California Glass Bending with paper patterns to follow. The glazier also hired a wood specialty company in Anchorage to do the wood bending, and forming and finishing. The installation itself was done in stages: first, the floor glass on the bridge; then the railing, straight stairs and curved stairs. As the glazier installed the glass, it fitted the top railings and bonded the glass to the wood with Dow #795 silicone.

The players: Glass fabricator: California Glass Bending; Contract glazier: Replacement Glass Co.

The glass: The bridge consists of 1 ½-inch-thick, grey tempered, laminated glass with clear frit for a non-skid surface, and ½-inch bent tempered glass railings with Brazilian Cherry wood bottom receiver and top rail. The vertical lites are ½-inch clear laminated glass and have a 5/8-inch gap between each lite.

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