Great Glazing: Retail display for high-end watch store

The basics: “The intent of this glass job was to create a focal wall that would attract attention and draw the viewer in for a closer examination,” says Chris Mammen, president of M3 Glass Technologies, about a decorative glass wall the company created for a high-end retailer. The retailer—a high-end watch store—installed the decorative glass display at its Galleria Mall location in Dallas.

“Design directions were to have the wall mimic the appearance of the ocean or sea with an element of depth,” Mammen says. M3 Glass Technologies attained the desired three-dimensional design by using digital in-glass printing in an offset pattern on multiple lites of glass.

The players: Glass fabricator, M3 Glass Technologies; glass manufacturer; PPG Industries; satin mirror manufacturer, Walker Glass; installer, Faubion Associates Inc.

The glass: Three lites of 3/8-inch Solex were used to create the sea color. Each lite was printed with offset ceramic frit frost waves in solid and fade patterns. After tempering, the three lites were glazed with a ¾-inch air space between each lite. Lastly, a ¼-inch green satin mirror was glazed behind the three Solex lites. The watch brand's logo signage was then applied by the installer.