Great Glazing: Zinda Restaurant

The basics: To create this one-of-a- kind bathroom for the Zinda restaurant in downtown Raleigh, N.C., Carolina Glass & Mirror teamed up with the general contractor, Metrocon Inc., and owner, Eschelon Hospitality.

The players: Glass fabricator: Glass Dynamics; Door system hardware supplier: KL Megla; Contract glazier: Carolina Glass & Mirror; Architect: Bret Page Architecture

The glass and hardware: The bathroom stalls feature 3/8-inch Sateen tempered glass panels and Wellness Partition door system hardware. Made of solid German brass with a stainless steel finish, the door system also features a custom fabricated stabilizer bar at the top. The majority of the stall panels measure 60 inches by 74 inches, with the largest being 84 inches by 74 inches.

Photo by Gina Warren Photography.