Great Glazing: Hawkins Elementary School

The basics: Toledo Public Schools' new Hawkins Elementary School is the area's first "green" school, designed to earn Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program. The school is part of the Toledo Public Schools' Building for Success program, which will rebuild or renovate more than 50 area schools during a 12-year period. Built at a cost of $11.4 million, Hawkins is the ninth TPS building designed by the Collaborative, a group of local architectural and engineering firms formed to work together on Building for Success, according to a release from Wausau Window and Wall Systems.

The 60,000-square-foot building is designed and oriented to maximize natural daylighting, and features triple-glazed windows for thermal performance. The more than 90 project-out, project-in and fixed window units in the school's design boost light levels in 90 percent of the classrooms and teaching spaces to at least 25 foot candles of natural light. All of the windows use low-maintenance, between-the-glass blinds to control light and privacy. Many of the windows used in the classrooms are also operable with screens, which allow for natural ventilation.

The players: Owner, Toledo Public Schools; architect, The Collaborative Inc.; general contractor, A.Z. Shmina Inc.; glazing contractor, Interstate Commercial Glass & Door Inc.; glazing systems manufacturer, Wausau Window and Wall Systems; glazing systems finisher, Linetec.

The glass and systems: 3250 Series windows and S.E.A.L. Series windows with triple insulating glass units, including PPG Sungate 500 low-E glass. The 3250 project-out, project-in and fixed units feature a polyurethane thermal barrier and 3.5-inch-deep aluminum frames, finished with a durable, VOC-free, clear anodize finish.