Great Glazing: Kevon Office Building

The basics: In an effort to improve building energy performance, owners of the Energy Star-rated Kevon office building in Pennsauken, N.J., recently installed the Renovate by Berkowitz (RbB) window system. Although much of the building incorporates energy-saving technologies, the original 1971 windows were constructed without energy-efficient features. The building owners updated all 651 windows with the window renovation system.

The players: Owner, Kaiserman, Co; glass fabricator, window renovation system supplier, general contractor,  J.E. Berkowitz; glass manufacturer, PPG Industries; contract glazier, Storefront Systems, Inc.

The glass and systems: Owners updated all the existing windows with the Renovate by Berkowitz system. The RbB system features two lites of low-emissivity glass, separated by an argon-gas-filled cavity. A spacer system hermetically seals the insulating glass units to the interior surface of the existing glass, creating a permanent, no-maintenance attachment. By using the existing low-performing, single-pane windows, the RbB system creates a triple-glazed IGU with energy-saving capabilities, according to J.E. Berkowitz.

For this project, J.E. Berkowitz applied a 7/8-inch IGU with a special desiccated 1/2-inch spacer to the existing 1/4-inch glass, resulting in an overall thickness of 1 5/8 inch. RbB Platinum Plus II is featured on the north-facing elevation, and incorporates Solarban 60 and Sungate 600 by PPG. The RbB Platinum Plus II XL is featured on the south-facing elevation, and incorporates Solarban 70 XL and Sungate 600 by PPG. RbB provides a U-factor of .18 and solar heat gain coefficient of .42, potentially lowering the building's annual energy costs by 26 percent after installation, according to the JEB release.