GreatGlazing: Patient Room 2020

Photos by Tom Powel Imaging

The basics: Glass is a critical component of Patient Room 2020, a next-generation healthcare design prototype of a safer, more streamlined, restorative, and engaging environment for patients, families, and caregivers. Patient Room 2020 was developed by NXT Health and is open for viewing at the DuPont Corian Design Studio in New York City. Bendheim supplied a variety of decorative architectural glass and mirror products for Patient Room 2020 that provide a positive atmosphere for recovery, according to company officials.

The players: Developer, designer, NXT Health; glass supplier, Bendheim; sliding door system supplier, PK-30; door and shower hardware supplier, C.R. Laurence Co.

The glass: Glass is used in several parts of the prototype room, including in the “Open Bathroom,” a key component of the design. The adaptable bathroom features a sliding translucent white Houdini Glass door system, which can be reconfigured to meet unique care needs—one of the designer’s crucial goals for the space. Houdini Glass creates a sense of openness and allows the transmittance of light between function areas. Additionally, the bathroom’s shower enclosure features Bendheim’s translucent teal colored safety tempered-and-laminated glass. The elegant color was selected from a variety of custom hues Bendheim developed specifically for the project. The nonporous glass surfaces easily withstand daily cleaning and help prevent the spread of infection, a major consideration for the project.