GreatGlazing: Southeast Cancer Center

The basics: Architects for the Southeast Cancer Center in Cape Girardeau, Mo., designed the exterior wall with multiple curves and an outward slope of 14.5 degrees to allow for maximum light penetration without direct sunlight or glare.

The players: Architect, Pansing, Nolan, Matlock, Ltd.; general contractor, Kiefner Brothers, Inc.; glass fabricator, Viracon; sunshade and glazing framing supplier, glazing contractor, Hilboldt Curtainwall.

The glass and systems: 1-inch insulating glass with blue VRE-59 radiant low-emissivity coating in a curtain-wall system, with a combination of captured and structurally-glazed constructions; custom sunshade system. The curtain wall was preglazed in Hilboldt's facility, and the panels are 8 feet wide by 15 feet tall.