Innovative glazing revives abandoned structure

The basics: Turkey's new Vakko Headquarters and Power Media Center, built around a concrete structure for an unfinished, abandoned hotel project, features a complex mirror glass and steel core structure, and an innovative, slumped glass exterior façade. The interior structure, dubbed the “Showcase,” consists of steel boxes in a crooked stack, several stories high. The exterior façade, or “Ring,” features glass panels with an “x” slumped into each pane.

The players: Owner, Vakko and Power Media, Turkey; architect, REX, New York City; general contractor, Dora, Turkey; glass fabricator, system fabricator, installer, Lamglas, Turkey.

The glass and systems: The “Ring” features a 2,625-square-foot façade of 172 5-foot by 11-foot glass panels. The top panel features the slumped pane. The entire insulating glass system consists of laminated and heat-treated glass and is held in a point-supported system. The interior “Showcase” of the building features more than 13,000 square feet of mirror glass.

Extended photo gallery available here.