Internet tool helps glaziers navigate complex door hardware options

By Michael Clebnik
February 19, 2010

Over the last two years, door hardware manufacturers and distributors have seen substantial increases in sales to the glass industry, as glaziers look for new revenue streams and profit centers in today’s challenging economy. Glaziers bring a number of solutions to customers; extending that value to potentially lucrative door hardware only makes sense.

However, where there is potential gain, there also is enormous exposure. Door hardware has become quite complex as security issues mount, products evolve and more openings require electromechanical devices. If you want to succeed in this arena, you must know what to sell, where to buy it, how it works, what the quotable alternatives are and why it is the best configuration for your customer. Hiring an expensive resource who knows hardware might not be the solution. The industry changes so rapidly, with new products, regulations and technology advances, you would need a team of people to keep up with all of the options.

In many cases, you are provided a list of items to quote as part of your quotation request; you don’t have an option, you have to quote the hardware. Sourcing that product ineffectively could cost you the job.

To help you navigate through the design, finish, function, style, handing, voltage and other options, Security Lock Distributors, Westwood, Mass., has introduced a free Internet software application at

The software application is available to wholesale customers and features an extensive digital catalog of door hardware products. You can now search and locate more than 2 million unique SKUs from more than 80 manufacturers, substantially cutting procurement and pricing time. The site includes an industry resource library with more than 700,000 unique PDF forms, including cut-sheets, installation guides and tech manuals. It has distance training tools, specials and discounts, online RMA requests, automated order history and order lookup. It also offers a powerful and secure e-commerce engine for online ordering.

Security Lock Distributors also has created a free online chat application and a dedicated quote department with four-hour online quote request turnaround. To apply to be approved to use the software, visit to fill out an application.


The author is director of strategic relationships for Security Lock Distributors, Westwood, Mass. Write him at