Irwin Union Bank

Then Ray Adcox and his team of glaziers from John Ulrey’s Glass & Mirror in Seymour, Ind., won the bid for the 4,000-square-foot Irwin Union Bank project, they anticipated a lofty challenge.

“In looking at the blue prints we realized this project had something we had not seen before: channel glass,” says Adcox, project manager for the contract glazier. “Of the other glazing contractors bidding [on the] job, most backed away, because no one was familiar with this type of installation. We decided to take a chance.”

Adcox and his team soon discovered that unknown doesn’t always mean difficult. An instructor from channel-glass supplier Bendheim Wall Systems spent about four days with the Ulrey’s Glass team, teaching the glaziers how the systems went together and the best practices for installation, Adcox recalls.

“Once we got going, it was quicker and simpler than we thought,” Adcox says. “People are often scared of the unknown. But in this case, it was simple once we got going and it looks pretty cool.”

Irwin Union Bank features 2,300 square feet of the double-glazed channel glass, model P26/60/7 504 with the rough cast texture. The channels were installed vertically, with most planks measuring 8 feet 10 inches long and annealed, with some channels at varying lengths and some made of tempered glass.

The channel glass framing system is thermally broken, model BWS VSF60 also from Bendheim, in a clear anodized finish.
The complex becomes lantern-like at night, Adcox says. “It really stands out with the backlighting. It draws a lot of attention,” he says.

The bank also features 1-inch insulating storefront glass provided by Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. of Tamarac, Fla., and some bullet-resistant glazing at teller windows, provided by Dlubak Corp. of Blairsville, Pa. YKK AP America Inc. of Austell, Ga., supplied the storefront system.

The project was completed in summer 2006.