Millennium Tower shines with blue glass

The basics: Completed in 2009, the 58-story, $350-million Millennium Tower in San Francisco is clad in blue glass, resembling a translucent crystal. The residential tower, also known as 301 Mission St., is the fourth-tallest building in San Francisco and features 350,000 square feet of glass.

The players: Architect, Handel Architects, San Francisco; owner, Millennium Partners, New York City; general contractor, Webcor Builders, San Mateo, Calif.; glass supplier, Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass, Shanghai; glazing contractor, Enclos Corp., Eagan, Minn.; unitized curtain wall supplier, YKK AP Facade, Singapore. 

The glass and systems: Enclos and SYP Glass developed the curtain wall and window design using sound isolation laminated glass that reduces city noise, while allowing fresh air from mullion trickle vents. The glass configurations include: lite of 8-millimeter clear heat soaked with YME-0142 low-emissivity, a 12-mm airspace, and lite of 6-mm clear; lite of 6-mm clear heat soaked with YME-0142 low E, 12-mm airspace, lite of 6-mm clear heat soaked; lite of 6-mm clear heat soaked with YME-0142 low E, 9-mm airspace, lite of 5-mm clear, 1.52-mm PVB interlayer, 5-mm clear heat soaked.