Most innovative decorative glass product

OnlyGlass MediaFacade, APG International Inc. and OnlyGlass MediaFacade GmbH

By integrating LED lights into the cavity of an insulating glass unit panel, the OnlyGlass MediaFacade Panel allows architects, media advertisers and urban planners to transform entire buildings into LED mega-screens. The OnlyGlass MediaFacade Panel combines long-life LED lights with insulating glass, enabling users to fully incorporate a transparent LED screen within the primary building envelope’s curtain wall or window façade. It offers perfect image resolution for viewers outside of the building, according to officials from APG International Inc. At the same time, the virtually clear design does not distract inhabitants inside the building. Natural light enters the building in the same way it does a regular glass façade.

With its 4-millimeter LED bars and 16-mm thickness, the OnlyGlass MediaFacade panels fit any standard IGU glazing structure, according to APG officials. The size of each glass element can be customized to the dimension of the façade. Depending on the pixel pitch, the OnlyGlass MediaFacade Panel has a transparency of at least 80 percent. With a pixel pitch of 40 mm, the transparency increases to more than 90 percent.

Any kind of medium—from simple text to full-color videos—can be displayed on the LED screen. As each LED can be controlled individually, the brightness of the image can be adjusted at any time. The integrated control system allows the user to manage the display characteristics in any way, ranging from split screens to a combined mega screen. Because the LED lights are embedded inside the insulating glass, the LEDs are protected against external influences.

The product was jointly developed by APG International and OnlyGlass MediaFacade GmbH. OnlyGlass invented and developed technology to embed super-thin aluminum bars equipped with individual control LEDs within an IGU cavity. APG developed an integrative framing technology that seamlessly captures the electrical wiring within the frame and channels the cables hidden from panel to panel and further to an output interface. APG is the qualified installer of the OnlyGlass MediaFacade Panel, especially, in the North American and Middle Eastern markets, it reports.