Most innovative decorative glass project, commercial exterior

Harmonic Convergence, Glaspro Inc.

Photos: “Harmonic Convergence,” Miami Airport; ©2011, PhenomenArts, Inc., Christopher Janney, artistic director, photo@-R.Hill

“‘Harmonic Convergence’ is not simply decorative, but transforms the space, enveloping the viewer in color and sound,” says glass artist and Glass Magazine Award Judge Paul Housberg, “It plays off the giant space-age X braces and feels fully integrated into the site. Deceptively simple, it is accessible on multiple levels, takes advantage of both interior and exterior views, and, like the best examples of public art, it does not read as an afterthought,” he says.

Designed by artist Christopher Janney, this 72-foot-long passenger connector at the Miami International Airport incorporates more than 150 colored, laminated glass squares measuring 22 ½ inches by 22 ½ inches in size. Fabricated by Glaspro Inc., the glass squares consist of two lites of 3/8-inch Starphire glass by PPG Industries, with .060 Spliced Vanceva/.060 SentryGlas interlayer by Solutia and DuPont, respectively.

“The color of Glaspro’s ‘Harmonic Convergence’ is jaw-dropping, and it does so much to show what glass can do in an instant,” says Glass Magazine Award Judge Mandy Marxen, vice president of marketing, Gardner Glass Products. Adds fellow judge Mark Fink, sales and marketing manager for Bendheim Wall Systems, “’Harmonic Convergence’ is gorgeous; kudos to Christopher Janney.”

Novum Structures LLC installed the glass. Read more about the project here.