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"Define Your Style" Quiz, Basco Shower Enclosures

Results from a recent Basco consumer focus group confirmed that homeowners are often intimidated by the selection process for home renovation products. To help homeowners determine which of the RODA by Basco shower enclosures suit their taste, Basco introduced “Define Your Style,” a fun and interactive tool on the RODA by Basco website that takes the fear out of selecting even the most highly customized 3/8-inch-thick glass enclosures, according to the company.

“Define your Style” guides users through a quick survey to determine their preferences, asking questions about everything from artwork to family to shopping habits. After users respond to lifestyle preferences and pictures of everyday items, this tool provides the viewer with a recommended design and glass option.To simplify the purchase process even further, users can print out a summary page that features images of the recommended RODA collection and search for a dealer by zip code.