Most innovative factory equipment

Emmegi Multi-Axis Machining Centers, Emmegi USA Inc.

Available in three, four, five and six axes, the Emmegi Multi-Axis Machining Centers perform automated functions that partially or completely replace multiple copy routers, saws, end mills, punch presses and drill machines—combining all of these functions into one machine, operated by one worker.

Users of the Emmegi Multi-Axis Machining Centers sing the praises of this innovative equipment. Kevin Foss, vice president of manufacturing, Structures Unlimited Inc., Bow, N.H., says converting its fabrication facility over to Emmegi's five-axis Planet and Satellite CNC Machining Centers gave it the ability to enter new markets and remain a leader in the aluminum structural skylight industry. The machining centers have reduced the company's fabrication time by approximately 85 percent; scrap rates have fallen by 75 percent; fabrication
callbacks have been eliminated; floor space has increased by 40 percent; and fabrication-related injuries remain at zero.

"Our Emmegi Multi-Axis CNC Machining Center has been an incredibly innovative machine that has given Walters & Wolf the ability to reduce fabrication times and the number of
people and equipment that it takes to fabricate projects, while taking us to a new level of finished product quality," adds Christopher Green, plant manager, Walters & Wolf, Fremont, Calif. "This has had many positive effects on our company's image and morale, as well
as helped to reduce unforeseen project costs by greatly reducing callbacks for imperfections on finished products."

Customers also are impressed with the equipment support they receive from Emmegi USA, East Rutherford, N.J. "We purchased a machining center from Emmegi USA in December of
2009 and we couldn't have been more impressed with their service, professionalism
and the quality of their machines," says Seamus Porter, president, product development, All Weather Architectural Aluminum, Vacaville, Calif. "We designed a new sliding door product last year that resulted in some incredibly challenging machining operations, and the staff at Emmegi USA was remarkably helpful in determining how we could machine our parts."