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Taper-Loc Dry Glazed Railing System >> C.R. Laurence Co.
Sahely Mukerji
September 24, 2009

Los-Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co.’s horizontal Taper-Loc Dry Glazed Railing System for laminated and monolithic tempered glass applications is a critical addition to the company’s line of patented dry glazed products for heavy glass balustrade glass railing and windscreen systems.

Designed for both residential and commercial applications, the system reduces installation time by more than 50 percent, and has been tested and engineered to meet the strictest building code requirements, according to a release. It uses a horizontal taper lock design. Each Taper-Loc set is made from high-strength reinforced nylon, and expands in thickness when compressed together. The tapers are self-centering and lock the glass panels into the base shoe using CRL’s precision installation/removal tool. This system can be used with 3/8-inch (10 millimeter), ½-inch (12 mm), 15 mm, ¾-inch (19 mm) tempered monolithic glass applications, and 9/16-inch (13.52 mm), 27/32 inch (21.52 mm), and 1-1/16-inch (25.52 mm) thick laminated tempered glass.

The Taper Loc system is designed for typical concrete and steel mounting substrate standards, with the ability to mount to other special surface conditions when required. It is Miami-Dade County certified and meets and exceeds the standards of the International Building Code for installations nationwide.

“This system is unique to the industry because it uses a horizontal taper lock design, rather than a vertical wedge system,” says Charlene Kull, corporate communications director, CRL.

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