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Thermique Towel Warmer >> Thermique Technologies
Sahely Mukerji
September 24, 2009

With its patented heated glass design, the Thermique Towel Warmer is both decorative and practical. Instead of a metal bar, it features heated glass covered with a transparent metallic coating that warms the towel. When the power is turned on, an electrical current travels across the coating; electrical resistance results in heat energy, which radiates from the glass. The electrical resistance is uniform across the entire glass surface, and therefore, so is the glass temperature. The towel warmer is programmed to operate at 135 degrees Fahrenheit. A simple touch-button controller turns it on, and the heating element automatically switches off after two hours to conserve energy. If the glass ever breaks, the controller senses a fault and immediately shuts down. The freestanding design goes anywhere in the home; there is no need for wall space or professional installation, just a standard GFCI outlet. The frame is available in a variety of colors and finishes to complement any decorating style. The decorative design is also perfect for luxury spas and hotel suites, where aesthetics is as important as function.

“With our patented heated glass design, Thermique Towel Warmers allow you to add luxury to home bathrooms and hotel suites without sacrificing beauty,” says Mike Hobbs, CEO, Thermique Technologies, Chicago. “Other towel warmers use metal bars like an old-fashioned radiator, but Thermique uses an elegant pane of heated glass. Glass is a stylish, contemporary design element, so Thermique Towel Warmers make a beautiful addition to your bathroom décor.”

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