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CRL Hand Rails Online, C.R. Laurence Co.
September 25, 2009

Designed specifically for balustrade specialists and installers, CRL Hand Rails Online from C.R. Laurence Co., Los Angeles, features software design modules that belong to a type of artificial intelligence known as Expert Systems. These systems aid users in the same way a human expert would, providing instruction and drawing attention to potential problems.

Using a simple but powerful drag-and-drop interface, the CRL Hand Rails Online tool allows even the most inexperienced designers to create complex balustrade designs in minutes. After answering a few online questions regarding the application, users drag and drop railing layouts, and modify or edit properties. They can mix and match glass and picket infills, core or fascia mounting, or change the finish; make size adjustments to individual posts and panels; review the fittings; and add or delete hardware.

The program automatically calculates all the parts and components for an application.
The software’s inbuilt logic and versatile hardware database eliminate the need for product catalogs and calculators, while its ability to take care of glass size and cutout positioning reduces costly calculation mistakes.

By entering the run length and style options, users provide the software’s design engine with all that it needs to calculate complete hardware, glass and installation reports. The hardware list shows cutting instructions, including mitres, and is accurate to a single fastener. Glass cutting instructions can be viewed and emailed directly to a supplier.

To aid in the sales process, CRL Hand Rails Online—developed and owned by New Zealand’s Smart-Builder--provides an instant and accurate cost breakdown to ensure that all quotes remain profitable, yet competitive. It can also generate professional quotes that include color-matched 3D drawings, so that clients can easily visualize their balustrades.
CRL provides full support, including instructional Webinars and a 30-day free trial at