Most innovative protective glazing product

NanoPax >> Diamon-Fusion International
Sahely Mukerji
September 24, 2009

The NanoPax product series delivers DFI coatings through hand-applied pre-portioned towelettes that are designed to cover approximately 14 square feet (1.3 square meters), about the size of a standard automobile windshield, without any special machinery or equipment. The cost-effective product is capable of treating surfaces virtually anywhere, anytime, with just a fraction of the time and effort compared to other application methods. Training is minimal as the simple steps and pre-portioned towelettes make for a consistent, fail-safe application.

By significantly reducing the amount of chemicals being handled versus other application systems, the series eliminates the possibility of accidents or spills, also resulting in less cleanup and waste overall.

“This award recognizes DFI’s continuing effort to make applying protective coatings easier and thus more available to all members of our industry,” says Russell Slaybaugh, general manager, Diamon-Fusion International, San Clemente, Calif. “And in so doing, [it] also recognizes DFI’s efforts over the last dozen years to educate the industry about the benefits of those coatings—from increased customer satisfaction to increased profits for DFI resellers and licensees worldwide. Through these efforts and those of our business partners, consumer demand for the benefits of coatings is growing rapidly and will become a requirement for more niches within our industry over the next several years.”

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