Most innovative solar glass product

EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP, Guardian Industries Corp.

This past year, Guardian Industries, Auburn Hills, Mich., introduced EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP, laminated parabolic mirrors for concentrated solar power applications. The mirrors are designed to provide high solar reflectivity, concentrating efficiency and durability. EcoGuard
Solar Boost uses Guardian’s highest performing solar glass, EcoGuard Float, and the company’s mirror technology to create a laminated parabolic mirror with a minimum 94.5 percent solar reflectivity at an air mass coefficient of 1.5 (ISO 9050).

Guardian’s precise manufacturing process yields a smooth, accurate mirror. Durability is ensured by a laminated glass assembly similar to a windshield, where the mirror is encapsulated between two layers of glass and held together by a PVB interlayer. A mirrored surface is contained within the laminate on the backside of the forward glass. The thin front glass results in a shorter transmission path and industry benchmark reflectivity performance,
according to company officials. EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP has been extensively field tested for durability and validated using numerous accelerated test protocols. The combined glass and PVB layers provide superior rigidity and durability compared to traditional monolithic glass systems. The laminated construction also results in optimum damping, wind resistance and
reduction of subsequent field component damage.

“EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP withstands the extreme conditions to which concentrating solar mirrors and reflector panels are subjected, says Scott Thomsen, group vice president and head of North American Flat Glass at Guardian. “With a glass mean free path of just 3.2 millimeters, EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP mirrors attain an average solar reflectivity of more than 95 percent. This results in a reduction of total cost of ownership for our customers.”

Other performance advantages include: industry-leading solar reflectivity; if broken, the assembly will remain intact, retaining the majority of function; virtual elimination of the risk of damage to other components from falling glass; improved safety for operators and assembly crews; and lead-free mirror assembly, according to company officials. Designed specifically for CSP parabolic trough systems, EcoGuard Solar Boost laminated reflective panels are available in standard RP-2, 3 and 4 configurations, and are direct bolt-in replacements for the traditional monolithic configurations. In addition, custom sizes and shapes are available to meet the unique needs of individual customers and applications in the CSP and CPV markets.