Most innovative Web site, small company (annual sales of $15 million or less), Doralco Architectural Metals

Before Doralco Architectural Metals decided to completely restructure and redesign its Web site to match its new look, the company spent weeks finding out what its customers were looking for. "It's useless to redesign a Web site that doesn't offer our customers a valuable resource," says Shawn Bowman, marketing director, Doralco, Alsip, Ill. "We created a site centered around what our customers need and are looking for on a daily basis."

The new site makes it easy to locate products by product type, which allows any visitor to get to the information they are looking for within three clicks. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design statements and point potentials per product, product details, CAD and Revit files, specifications and photos are all easily downloadable on the site.

"Finding Doralco on the Internet has never been easier; we have changed the way customers find us on the Internet," Bowman explains. "Our new site is optimized to gather customers looking specifically for our kinds of products. For us, it's about finding the right customer and giving them what they need to make the right decisions, not just traffic."

The results prove the method, boosting the number of site visitors by more than 1,000 percent in only eight months, Bowman says. "Our Web site is updated on a daily basis and is an active resource for architects and customers. We continually add new and relevant features, products, photos, sustainable information and programs based on what our customers need right now," he reports.