Old friends partner in new company

June 6, 2007

Q&A with the leaders of Northeast Laminated Glass Corp.

Tom Zaccone and Larry Tumminia have a combined 47 years experience in the glass industry. Zaccone spent 22 of those years at AFG Industries in Atlanta; Tumminia was at the company for 18.

The two are now partners at Northeast Laminated Glass Corp. with headquarters in Jessup, Pa. The company’s laminated safety glass will target the hurricane and blast-protective markets. Production is slated to begin in September, and 50 jobs are expected to be created during the first year.

The Lackawanna County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a $100,000 Family Business Initiative loan. The company also secured $2.8 million in loans through the U.S. Small Business Administration by using consulting services through the county’s program.

Why invest in this type of company at this time?
Tom: Because of the future growth projections. It’s becoming more and more code driven. Codes are being enforced. Laws are being passed that weren’t there yesterday. It continues to grow at a very high percentage.

Jessup is just north of Scranton in northeast Pennsylvania. What made you decide on this location?
The truth is the state of Pennsylvania is a business friendly state. They offered an incentive package to manufacturing businesses to come into the state.

Larry: It’s also accessible to excellent highways and is within five hours of Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

Is your facility a new or existing building?
Larry: We’re leasing a brand new building—140,000 square feet. We’ve ordered brand new equipment.

Tom: It’s state-of-the-art equipment made in the United States. We’ve purchased an 84-inch laminated line and a 32-foot autoclave. We’ve also purchased a fully automated UltraPro series automated cutting line. Those are the main components.

Who will be your customers?
Tom: Window manufacturers. Skylight manufacturers. Commercial glaziers.

Larry: Government buildings and the general distribution market.

Tom: We’re also going to pursue and produce automotive glass, primarily targeted at the mass transit business.

Larry: We are an independent company. It’s just Tom and I. We’re not affiliated with any glass manufacturer or any large glass distributor. We’re’ a completely independent laminated glass company.