PPG introduces sample kits for new blue tints

October 9, 2009

PPG Industries, Pittsburgh, has a new sample kit featuring recently released Pacifica and Solarblue glasses, its two newest blue-tinted glasses. In addition to their uncoated versions, Pacifica glass is shown with Vistacool subtly reflective and Solarcool reflective coatings, and Solarblue glass is shown with a Solarcool coating. All five products are inventory standards available for immediate shipping.

Dark-blue Pacifica glass has visible light transmittance of 38 percent and a solar heat-gain coefficient of 0.35 when combined with clear glass in a 1-inch insulating glass unit. The result is a light-to-solar gain ratio of 1.07. Pacifica glass is part of the Oceans of Color collection of nautically inspired tints.

Solarblue glass, one of PPG’s Earth and Sky performance tints, displays a light sky-blue tint. With a VLT of 50 percent and a SHGC of 0.49, it has an LSG ratio of 1.03 in a clear, 1-inch insulating glass unit.

Pacifica and Solarblue glasses with Solarcool reflective coatings offer LSG ratios ranging from 0.67 to 1.03. Pacifica glass with Vistacool subtly reflective, color-enriched coatings yields LSG ratios of up 1.24.

The sample kit also includes existing blue-tinted glasses by PPG, such as Azuria glass.