Puzzle-piece façade on Nolitan hotel

"The various cladding materials came together really nicely. ... It was a little tricky, and required a lot of layout and coordination, but most of the work we do is pretty detailed. We try to go after jobs like this. ... This project is almost like a catalog of all of the facades we do."—Jake Johnson, head project manager, United Panel Technologies Corp.

The basics:The 55-room Nolitan luxury hotel in the Nolita — North of Little Italy — neighborhood of Manhattan features a split front façade of a mix of building materials that join together like puzzle pieces. The east half of the building features channel glass and black terra-cotta, while the west half features point-supported glass-fronted balconies surrounded by exposed concrete and wood paneling. The Nolitan will open Nov. 1, according to the hotel's Web site.

The players: Architect, Grzywinski+Pons Architects, New York City; channel glass supplier, Bendheim Wall Systems, Passaic, N.J.; point-supported glass supplier, J.E. Berkowitz LP, Pedricktown, N.J.; contract glazier, United Panel Technologies Corp., Hauppauge, N.Y.

The glass and systems: 3,310 square feet of exterior, double-glazed, vertical channel glass, with insulating glass units integrated into the channel glass system. The channel glass is low-iron solar P26/60/7, certified by the Safety Glazing Certification Council, Sackets Harbor, N.Y., tempered and heat soak-tested, or annealed. The framing is Bendheim Wall System SF60, clear anodized. The point-supported system features ½-inch tempered glass and ¾-inch support fins, attached with Austvision spider fittings.