Seattle library earns green award for solar glass

December 19, 2006

“Libraries are always thought of as depositories of knowledge, but we wanted it to be more of a learning and interactive experience.”—Robert Miller, architect

The basics: The 18,400-square-foot Ballard Library in Seattle, that opened in May 2005 and cost $10.9 million, received green recognition from the American Institute of Architects of Washington, D.C., in large part because of its photovoltaic façade.
The players: Architect, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Seattle; general contractor, PCL Construction Services Inc., Seattle; curtain-wall manufacturer, Efco Corp., Monett, Mo.; glazing contractor, Pacific Glass, Renton, Wash.; glass fabricator, Northwestern Industries Inc., Seattle; glass manufacturer, PPG Industries, Pittsburgh; photovoltaic supplier, Schott Solar, Germany.
The glass: 7,000-square-foot curtain wall of 1-inch low-emissivity, solar control, Solarban 60 insulating glass units; 400-square-foot curtain wall of ASI THRU photovoltaic glass, in 11⁄4-inch insulating units consist of 1⁄4-inch outer glass with
1⁄8-inch ASI film-coated glass laminated between two PVB layers, 1⁄2-inch air space, and two 5⁄32-inch laminated inner glass panes.

Photos by Nic Lehoux Photography, Vancouver