Silver Lake Library goes green with diverse glazing combinations

Photos by Tom Bonner Photography, Santa Monica, Calif.

The basics: Glass is the defining element of the new Silver Lake Branch Library in Los Angeles, and also the key green element, says Tom Michali, project architect and partner, M2A Milofsky Michali & Cox Architects, Los Angeles. The library features four major glazing elements: a channel glass fa├žade; a point-supported glass corner enclosure; clerestory window systems; and skylights with some integrated photovoltaics.

The players: Architects, M2A Milofsky Michali & Cox Architects, Los Angeles; general contractor, Ford E.C. Inc., Los Angeles; channel glass supplier, Bendheim Wall Systems, Passaic, N.J.; point-supported system supplier, W&W Glass, Nanuet, N.Y., glazing contractor, Harris Glass Co., Bell, Calif.; glass manufacturers, Guardian Industries, Auburn Hills, Mich., Pilkington North America, Toledo.

The glass and systems:Vertical, double-glazed Lambert's channel glass, alternating between translucent and clear channel glass units, with P26/60/7 channel glass in 504 Rough Cast with Azur for the outer plank, a TIMax fiberglass insulating interlayer, and 504 Rough Cast with low-emissivity coating for the inner plank; and uncoated 504 Rough Cast and Clarissmo. Pilkington Planar point-supported glass corner, with Pilkington Opti-float 19-millimeter glass combined with Evergreen 6-mm glass. Clerestory glass, with insulating Guardian SN-68EO/Optifloat clear glass. Skylight system, with 6-mm clear float glass with silkscreen ceramic frit, a 12-mm air gap, and a top panel of laminated 6-mm low-emissivity and clear glass. Integrated solar cells cover 14 panels of the skylight, and 60 percent frit covers the remaining 40 skylight panels.

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