Sky high design

Architects take decorative glass to new levels in large-scale facade applications

The outer envelope of a building can be an architect’s canvas, where they express themselves and their designs to the outside world. Increasingly, architects are turning to decorative glass on big and small scales to help them fulfill their vision. “Architects and designers are looking for ways to incorporate color and pattern into their designs. … The
trend will be more and more bolder colors, unique silkscreen designs and textured glass that will uniquely enhance a building’s aesthetics,” says Chris Dolan, director, commercial and interior glass products, Guardian Industries Corp., Auburn Hills, Mich. The following feature looks at six projects that feature large-scale decorative glass, demonstrating advancements in decorative glass technology and trends in design. From a printed glass mural to multistory lettering, and brightly colored spandrel to a backlit glass art display, the following projects
show the diversity and capabilities of large-scale decorative glass.

Glass design spans floors at Houston YMCA

Custom interlayer makes for custom design in school facade




Colored spandrel highlights Wellesley tower




Art in the forefront, and on the façade, at Harlem Hospital




Art glass lights up bridge in the Glass City




Efficiency and design at Espace 400 Pavilion