Most innovative bath enclosure

The Lake House >> GLASSource
September 28, 2009

Architectural design, grandiose scale and breathtaking views all come together to create
an impressive Lake Michigan home that demands equally impressive shower enclosures. To accommodate the Lake Michigan home owner’s desire to break up the rooms and prevent unwanted moisture flow while not obstructing the natural forest and lake views, the GLASSource team used large panels of ½-inch clear tempered glass as floor-to-ceiling dividers.

“The home owner wanted to be able to see right through the house, maximizing openness and light,” says Jim Arnold, owner of GLASSource, the Grand Haven, Mich., fabricator. “They chose to have white floors and ceilings to add to the lightness even more.”

Some of the glass dividers doubled as the entrance to the bathing area and a separate shower compartment. “All of the floors in the bathroom sloped to the drains, so we didn’t have to seal the bottom,” Arnold says. “But because there was no channel, accuracy was very important.”

Clips were used to maintain clean lines and expose glass edges, while joining the outer wall with the inner stall. Due to the large scale of the project, oversized CRL Atlas commercial hinges and ladder pulls from C.R. Laurence Co., Los Angeles, were used to prevent the hardware from getting lost in the design. “The owner wanted minimal hardware, but they didn’t want the hardware they used to get lost,” Arnold says. “The ladder pulls that we used are usually used in commercial applications. But, they worked well here.”

The glass was coated with Diamon-Fusion’s GlassGuard easy-to-clean glass protectant. The unit is one of four unique shower enclosures at the lake house. City Glass and Mirror, Grand Haven, installed the glass.