Most innovative curtain wall application

Lazzara’s floating sales office >> YKK AP America Inc.
September 28, 2009

Photos by Scott Pearson, Jupiter, Fla.

Tampa-based Lazzara Yachts’ new sales office, a 40-foot-by-90-foot glass, steel and fiberglass barge, begs the question: Is it a building, or is it a vessel? Lazzara’s team designed the floating sales office using elements typically found on commercial buildings to create an elegant and intriguing façade that merges a commercial building with Lazzara’s stylish yacht designs. The 3,800-square-foot vessel was designed to meet the toughest codes for vessels and buildings, including Florida’s hurricane building codes.

YKK AP America Inc., Austell, Ga., supplied the framing products, and Downs Glass, Sarasota, Fla., served as the contract glazier. “Downs Glass had done all of the preliminary work to engineer the system using our products prior to it coming to us,” says Barry Wampler, branch manager for YKK AP’s Orlando location. “We said, ‘the job is going to be what?’ But after the initial shock of something so unusual sunk in, we thought it was a pretty cool idea.”

Time was a huge factor for glazing companies on the project. “Our involvement was mostly in the rush of materials to complete the project on a very aggressive schedule,” Wampler says.
The vessel incorporates YKK’s line of ProTek impact-resistant fenestration products.

Specifically, YKK AP’s YHC 300 OG curtain wall and Model 35H entrance doors provide resistance to cyclical pressures and projectile impacts from hurricanes. The systems allow for tall spans and wide spacing to create incredible views into and from the inside of the vessel. “The finish is our YS1N clear Anodized Plus, which provides additional protection to the aluminum finish,” Wampler says.

Nashville Tempered Glass fabricated the glass that was distributed by Kreitzer Glass Products Corp., Bradenton, Fla. C.R. Laurence Co., Los Angeles; Kinney-Johnson Fabricators, Sarasota Fla.; and Action Bolt & Tool, Riviera Beach, Fla., supplied the hardware and components.