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Flow of Life >> Meltdown Glass Art & Design
September 28, 2009

Flow of Life is a colorful, wall-mounted glass art installation in the entrance lobby of the Health Sciences Building at Chandler-Gilbert Community College, Williams Campus, Gilbert, Ariz. The 8.5-foot-high by 15-foot-wide cast glass mural is located on the interior main wall facing the glass curtain wall at the front of the building.

“The artwork was created in steps,” says BJ Katz, founder and director of Meltdown Glass Art & Design, Chandler, Ariz. “The glass was cut in layers; dichroic glass was precut according to the design; the layers were assembled; an original mold was created for each panel using existing textures; and the glass was fired. The glass was then painted using hand painting and airbrushing.”

The site-specific installation is made up of 28, 25-inch by 25-inch panels, seven panels wide and four panels high. The artwork’s art glass panels work together to create one coherent work based on Feng Shui. “The intent is to enliven the space and create an energy conducive to learning and healing,” Katz says.

Placing the artwork in this location in front of the glass building façade provides maximum exposure to the community, according to Meltdown officials. The artwork is lit around the clock, and is clearly visible from the campus and streetscape by passersby and passing vehicles.

The installation is part of an interactive lobby space—a public gathering place for students to rest, relax, study and interact with other students between classes. The interactive lobby provides a good opportunity for the public art to influence the atmosphere and experience of the building, creating a fun, inventive and uplifting experience for people using the space, Meltdown officials say.