G3: Industry insiders talk glass

How does your company use social media to connect with customers?
October 15, 2012


J.P. Neal, owner, American Diversified Contractor
www.ca-glass-glazing.com, @BeachLovers

"At American Diversified Contractor, we use social media to reach out and connect with people and businesses all over the world. We have 32,000 followers on Twitter at Ca Glass & Glazing under the handle twitter.com/Beachlovers and have worked very hard to build our following. This has generated multiple leads for our company, resulting in the most rewarding year in our 22-year history as glass and glazing contractors in southern California. Social media allows us to share ideas, experiences and new technologies with others in order to advance a more united industry into the future.”

J.P. Neal, owner, American Diversified Contractor


Benjamin Woo, marketing director, LaCantina Doors

"LaCantina Doors connects with customers online through its website that includes a blog, gallery, and video channel, in addition to detailed product information. In early September, we launched the new website with the goal of making it easier to navigate, more interactive, more robust, more visual and more valuable for the company and its customers. The most interactive and social aspect of the site is the blog, which we update weekly. It gives us an opportunity to regularly connect with users and feature various projects as well as promote our partners’ projects. In addition to the interactive potential of the site, it can be used as a resource by design professionals, dealers, and end users. We have a secure dealer login section, a section for architects and designers to view and download CAD drawings and technical details, and more general product and project information for end users.”

Benjamin Woo, marketing director, LaCantina Doors


Rhonda Heckard, sales manager, Glasswerks Inc.
glasswerks.com, @GlasswerksInc

"Here at Glasswerks, we use Facebook, Twitter and other tools to extend our brand marketing in a way that also allows us to connect with current and potential customers. We are able to keep followers up to date on our latest projects and products, but we also get to reward them, which is rewarding for us in many ways. Sometimes, we will give away an iPod or iPad for simply 'liking' us on Facebook.

Recently, we got a fairly large order from one of our current customers just after he'd won an iPod from us. Perhaps it was a coincidence, but I'd like to think that the fact that we're willing to put our money where our mouth is really gives us an edge in the competitive glass market .”

Rhonda Heckard, sales manager, Glasswerks Inc.